Cathy Marley ... Author, Entrepreneur, Photographer
Cathy Marley ... Author, Entrepreneur, Photographer

CJM Communications

Cathy Marley
"If you're like most of us who earn our living behind a desk, you are being judged as much by your ability to convey your ideas as the quality of the ideas themselves. Inevitably, that means a big part of your career depends on your writing being as good as it possibly can be."
~ Harvey Mackay

Author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Do your written materials bring the results you want?
Do you know what you want to say, but not how to say it?
Do you avoid writing at all costs?
Is correspondence your lowest priority?
Are your high business standards reflected in your words?

When you are at a loss for words,
I will find them for you.

CJM Communications provides solutions to all your writing needs.
  • Say exactly what you mean
  • Say it well
  • Give the best impression
  • Be clear and concise
  • Choose the right words
  • Paint a vivid picture
  • Keep your audience in mind
  • Proofread
  • Sound as knowledgeable on paper as you are in real life

An experienced, professional writer and editor is an invaluable asset for your success.


  • Media relations
    • Press releases
    • Press kits
  • Ghost writing
    • Books
    • Articles
  • Editing
    • Copyediting
    • Proofreading
  • Web text
  • Marketing Materials
    • Brochures
    • Ad copy
    • Flyers
    • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Letters
  • Manuals


Wow, what a great job you did on the Feathers business plan! I'm still reading through it and finding wonderful information. I told Dan that because of this comprehensive plan, he will get more money than he ever expected!
~ Naomi Anderson

Sources + Design

I think you did a fantastic job with the story! I have read the article a few times now and really think it's awesome! Great job!!
~ Anthony Herro, DDS

I met with Allan of European Design this morning regarding the three press releases and he was so impressed with your writing. He kept going on about how perfectly you depicted each residence and that it was like he was walking through each space with every word you wrote. He even mentioned that the photos aren't even needed due to the way you captured the environment so perfectly!!!
~ Naomi Anderson

Sources + Design

What a great newsletter! Isn't this the reason why we all went into dentistry in the first place-to build relationships, help people and give back to the community?
~ Kerry Benting-RDH

To Gina Brecht

Desert Dental Staffing

Wow Cathy! Thank you for your words ... both in my book and towards me ... you have been so helpful and wonderful and I truly, truly appreciate everything you have done for us ... by "us" I mean my sisters and I for this book is theirs as well as mine! I am a fan of yours and all you have done for me and I will always recommend you to others and speak highly of your work! You have been very kind to me! Again ... thank you!
~ Kristen Radford


You are so professional ... and I could have NEVER done this without you! If someone picks up on this and publishes it will be because of you. You are amazing.
~ Kristin Iannini

Tempe Junior Crew

You're the best!!!! Thanks for all you have done to make this project over the top!!!!
~ Rob Laizure

MASH Unit charity

You are truly the best! Every release you do for me is interesting to read. You can make a relocation seem glamorous!
~ Naomi Anderson

Sources + Design

I just couldn't go to sleep without taking a peek at what you had written. Oh my goodness, I am totally blown away! You have truly captured the essence of it all and articulated everything so eloquently and warmly.
~ Rev. Deanne Hodgson

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to support our business.
~ Sue Bickerdyke

Sue Bickerdyke Interiors

Great article!
~ Brenda Rubin-McDermott

Fitness Plus

WOW, does this CEU sound educational! Thank you so much for writing this for me. I keep saying this, but you really are a gem! And, thanks for picking up the corrections on my resume and hand-outs.
~ Naomi Anderson

Sources + Design

Thank you so much!! The books you edited read smoother and clearer! I loved all the changes you suggested. You truly understand the concepts!
~ Dixie Williams


Cathy, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is perfect. Exactly what we wanted.
~ Rhonda Greenberg

Interior Designer

How can I thank you for the amazing edit you did on my book? I am so grateful to you!
~ Kathy Stephens