Cathy Marley ...Author, Entrepreneur, Photographer
Cathy Marley ... Author, Entrepreneur, Photographer

Books – Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle

Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle
Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle, 2nd Edition
By Cathy Marley

Price: $14.95 USD
ISBN: 978-0-9990518-3-2
Publisher: CJM Press
Year of Publication: 2006
2nd Edition: 2018
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 171

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Welcome to the top of the hill.

Take a little peek over the edge.

The view from here is breathtaking!

Written for baby boomers who are "not-so-far-over-the-hill", Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle  looks at midlife as the beginning of life's best half. It is one woman's view of the regrets and triumphs of the past balanced by eager anticipation of a future built on wisdom gained along the way.

I wrote Peeking Over the Edge  when I realized I could choose to never be over the hill no matter what my age. It is a book for anyone who, preferring to explore the marvelous possibilities that come with each passing year, wants to make the same choice. It is for you. For me, middle age was the start of life's best half. As I approached my 50th birthday, I found myself letting go of old expectations about who and what I should be. It was an incredibly empowering experience that left me wanting to soar high and far as I tested my wings on the breezes of limitless possibility I had discovered.

Peeking Over the Edge  is a collection of my reflections as I explored the unfamiliar territory of my own middle-aged heart. I like to believe my experiences will strike a familiar chord in the hearts of my readers, whether they are 20 or 120 (it is possible!).

Cathy Marley at book signing for Peeking Over the Edge


"Cathy Marley's PEEKING OVER THE EDGE, is one of those keep it on your bedside table books, because anytime you feel like life isn't worth getting up for, pick it up and read a few pages. Anywhere in the book will do. Then, unless you are ready for Esther's Golden slippers, get yourself up and put on those Red High Heeled shoes that set your feet a-dancing, dancing, dancing all your cares away. Every inspiring vignette reminds me of Robert Browning's timeless poem, "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. The last of life for which the first was made..." While Cathy's book will be read by women for the most part, it may be well to sit on HIS lap and read a couple of things aloud to HIM, at which point HE may feel less need for the little blue pill (which is probably sugar anyway.) Cathy, you go girl!" ~ Vivia Giovannini

"Cathy Marley has given a voice to the fears, emotions and elated journeys we take as we try to find our way through life. Each essay is a special treat to be savored and pondered. I can't decide on whether I should read another wonderful Peeking Over the Edge essay or work. I am enjoying your book so much I'm trying to figure out how to put it in the freezer like Snickers bars and just take a little nibble at a time." ~ Betts McCalla

"I'm not usually much of a reader, but this is good! I couldn't stop reading once I started it." ~ David Kalvelage

"I admit, I finally cracked open your book and now I can't stop. I love it! Every time I take one of my 'breaks' you'll find me reading a quick story or two. As I read your stories I can't help but find myself amazed by how I can relate to them and how that helps me to work through my own thoughts and feelings. It's always nice to know we're not alone in the way we think or feel. I admire your willingness to share your own thoughts and feelings and am truly inspired and comforted with each page I read. Thank you!" ~ D. Leonard, Phoenix, AZ

"Written by Cathy Jo Marley, whose own experience turning 50 provided inspiration, Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle  is a memoir of the joy of middle age, candidly exploring the second half of life as a time to be enjoyed to the fullest. From coping with a hysterectomy, to fondly recalling distant memories, to the luxurious yet tawdry experience of reading "bodice ripper" romances and more, Peeking Over the Edge offers a candid glimpse of the simple moments in life, and the relish of adapting to new changes with aplomb. A wonderful amalgamation of insights into the pleasures of life well lived." ~ Small Press Book Watch, November 2006

"Peeking Over the Edge  by Cathy Jo Marley is a book that reads smoothly. Ms. Marley tackles the difficult genre of essay plus memoir with a two edge sword. She gives voice to the main stream life of the middle-age wife/mother/business woman while also traveling through her dreams and desires for her own creative, sometimes glamorous, somewhat mysterious decisions in crafting a unique identity." ~ Book Review by Amber Silverstar

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